Upacara is the Balinese word for "ceremony", the name is both derived from the roots of this brands beginnings, and the core of our belief that to practice self love is so sacred, that it is indeed ceremonial. Upacara serendipitously came into being in 2014 as our founder was living on the island of Bali. She was wandering the market one day, stumbled upon Cacao, became deeply curious about it's magic, fell in love with all that it offered her heart, spirit and skin, and just had to share it with the world.

All of our products are carefully made by hand in small batches frequently to maintain optimum botanical freshness and potency. 

We try to be highly conscious of the impact our product packaging can have on the environment, and we strive to encourage reuse of our packaging by creating our products in glass jars and bottles, and ship with few additives to our packaging. Taking good care of ourselves truly goes hand in hand with taking care of the planet.