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This 4oz blend of highly activating 100% organic oils is made up of replenishing and moisturizing properties that promote encouragement of growth by stimulating scalp circulation, awakening your hair follicles and improving the flow of nutrients to your hair.

These oils act as a protective coat that will keep split ends under control as well as increase the shine of your hair shaft.

Nutritional properties within the oils such as Vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and essential amino acids help penetrate dry and damaged hair, increasing hair shine, encouraging new growth, and thickness.

Intended to be massaged into the scalp, and worn as an overnight hair treatment. The following morning wash out with shampoo and style hair as normal.

Can also be applied on eyebrows for encouraged and growth and thickness.

Refrigerate for longer shelf life, and a thicker consistency!

Ingredients: *Black Castor oil, *Avocado oil, *Argan oil and *Rosemary oil